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How To Get A Divorce In Maryland?

Before getting a divorce in Maryland, you should familiarize yourself with the Maryland Divorce Laws. If you are considering a divorce, you and your spouse should also consider counseling. After a few … [Read More...]

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Maryland Traffic Ticket Law

Taking a Traffic ticket lightly is a serious mistake. If convicted, you may be facing jail time and substantial fines. You also may be faced with the loss of your driving privileges and have points … [Read More...]


Maryland DUI Law

Maryland DUI Law can be found in the Md. Transportation Code Ann. § 21-902. In Maryland there are three types of drunk driving laws: DUI (Driving Under the Influence), DUI per se, and DWI (Driving … [Read More...]


Maryland Drug Law

Drug Crimes in Maryland are extremely serious. If you have been charged with a Drug Crime in Maryland you must understand the importance of ensuring that a felony drug conviction remains off your … [Read More...]


Maryland Assault Law

If you are being accused of assault in Maryland, it is important to know your legal rights. Call the Law Office of Bobby Zirkin for your initial consultation absolutely free of charge. Assault … [Read More...]

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Baltimore County Criminal Law Attorney

Have you been wrongfully accused? Do you need a dedicated legal team to handle your case? It’s easy when you have been charged with a crime to become paralyzed by fear and worry. There is no reason to face these charges on your own. Take the time to … [Read More...]